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Baby On Board - The Be Sharps

2009-10-22 22:29:17 by Mioty

Baby On Board, How I've adored
That sign on my car's windowpane
A bounce in my step, loaded with pep
'Cause I'm driving in the carpool lane.

Call me a square, friend I don't care
'Cause that little yellow sign can't be ignored
I'm tellin' you it's mighty nice
Each trip's a trip to paradise
With my baby on board

"The Wedding" a success!!!

2009-10-19 23:21:45 by Mioty

The Last saturday we showed everyone how a crapy sketch made by ourselves in less than 20 minutes can be the best of the night. Sure, if we were the only actors performing with a bunch of musicians. Afters 5 hours of show, the owner of the bar, where we performed, prefered to reward the musicians, his friends, for the long hours of work, while we had to steal our own food from the table. We didn't even get paid.

That's right, this weekend i will be with our group of friends who are a "revelation" in the art of radio broadcasting. Don't Forget, or you will be missing to the greatest radio channel that makes you laugh. Green Tea Rock, the radio that fills your pool with Rock.

Saturday evening, Have something better to do than listening to "Green Tea Rock"

The two plays that nobody thought they will work, they did! Although the reviews were pesimistic the audience loved it. As you are reading this we are celebrating with Beer and Pizzas, terrific combination. Tomorrow our livers will be held in a handbasket.

I was called the other day to perform the most ridiculous part in an unknown play, it is a small part where I have to seduce a guy and then, almost in the final scene, French KISS him. What can you say about this transformation? (of course with a nice shave)

Do you think i can be the next hot transexual teen in a hilarious comedy play?

Many of us think that what happened that day was absurd, even the president itself say it. It was a total ass-licking award. What do you think about it, gave me your opinions please

From The Bed To The Brothel

2009-10-09 00:25:39 by Mioty

That will be the name of my new musical sketch with the opening musical curtain of Benny Goodman's "Sing, Sing, Sing"

See how our artistic team of actors enjoy a two weekend filming short, with various mistakes though, I am the camera guy and the nurse, besides the fotography and iluminating asst.